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What We Do and How We Do It.

 The travel and tourism industry in the United States generated over $1.4 trillion in economic output in 2013. This activity supported 7.5 million U.S. jobs, and accounted for 7 percent of all U.S. exports. One out of every 18 Americans works, either directly or indirectly, in a travel or tourism-related industry. 

 It's a simple fact that people traveling on business or pleasure spend lots of money during their hotel stay.They spend it on restaurants, shopping, recreation and services they may want or need during their stay.

Dining out for example. It's not, will the guests dine out, it's WHERE will the guests dine out.

 As a member of National Discount Club sales team, you will have a very large role in determining where those guests will eat and what other activities and services those guests will take advantage of during their stay. 

  When people check into a hotel, front desk managers will tell you that the first questions most guests ask is. "Where is a good place to eat?". And, of course, guests ask about shopping, services they need and things to see and do. 

 As you can imagine, the local business people in town would be very interested in an effective way to get those hotel guests to come spend their money with them and not their competitors

Our Hotel Guest Discount Card allows local business people to do just that!

 Our sales representatives hand select, on average, eight to twelve local businesses that place their ad on our card that is then handed to each guest at check-in.

 If a local business owner understands that these hotel guests are ready to spend money in their town and that by inviting these guests over that he or she can benefit financially, then they are anxious to participate in our program. It's your job to explain it to them effectively so they understand. If you can do that, you have a sale. We provide you with the statistics and information needed to help your potential customer make the right decision.

 Nothing sales itself. However, if you are able to present our program in a logical and professional manner, the sales come easily and quickly. You are offering that business an opportunity to form an extremely profitable partnership with their local hotels and motels.

 If a particular business owner does not appreciate what you are offering, don't stress about it. Go find his competitor that does appreciate the opportunity and work with him or her