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Connecting Hotel Guests With Local Businesses

10,000 Hotel Guest Discount Cards & Full Page Show Case FREE to Hotels!

This business opportunity is like no other.

10,000 Hotel Guest Discount Cards & A Comprehensive BUSINESS SHOWCASE AD are provided free of charge to hotels,

saving them thousands of dollars and serving as a one-of-a-kind effective marketing tool.

Businesses are showcased on the Hotel Discount Card in full color, with discounts that are being referred by the front desk daily.

As we continue to expand, we are looking for enthusiastic individuals who are seeking a 6 figure residual income.

   Advantages of being a Hotel Guest Discount Card  distributor:

  • Little to no competition- We have yet to contact a hotel that's already participating in a program that's similar to what we offer.
  • Ease in attracting participating hotels - Our unique marketing approach is FREE to the hotels that use our Hotel Guest Discount Card. 
  • Hotel operators often own more than one hotel so you can take advantage of those opportunities to grow your business.
  • No franchise fees and no ongoing royalties.
  • Complete one-on-one training.
  • A wide open market with significant potential for growth.
  • Working for yourself- Be your own boss, doing the work you choose to do where you want, with the people you choose to work with.
  • Home-based business- Our low-overhead business model keeps your operating costs down and provides you with flexibility. 
  • No rush hour. No time clock. No commuting. No dress code.
  • Protected territory.No ceiling on earnings. No high inventory requirements.
  • No experience required- Previous business ownership or industry experience is not necessary.
  • Freedom and flexibility- Your time and your life are your own. Have more fun, travel, play and enjoy time with your family.

You'll provide businesses in your area with a unique marketing tool.

Tourists and visitors from out of town are a highly desirable target audience that many businesses are interested in reaching.

You'll provide businesses in your area with an effective marketing tool for promoting their products and services to this audience.

Businesses that advertise with Hotel Guest Discount Card typically include:

  • Restaurants, caterers and banquet facilities.
  • Coffee houses, bakeries and donut shops.
  • Walk-in urgent care centers, physicians and dentists.
  • Hair and nail salons, spas, massage therapists, fitness centers.
  • Malls, grocery stores and specialty stores.
  • Miniature golf businesses, movie theaters and other entertainment and recreation businesses.

                  This is residual income that the hotels renew every year.

They are totally FREE to the hotel so you are actually saving them money.

Once they have Hotel Guest Discount Card as part of their hotel operations, they cannot do without them!