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How To Start a Profitable, LOCAL Advertising Business!
Without high-pressure tactics or advertising experience. 

Introducing the Distributor Partner Package 

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3...  

National Discount Club

 Has Gone Digital "Just Scan & Save"





1.  Give Away FREE Cards "All Over Town" 

      (Everyone loves FREE Discounts)


 2.  Sell ads on the Discount Card & Local Website.



(We do all the layout and publishing work.)


Let me ask you a simple question...

...Are you ready to take back your life and start earning what you're worth?


What some of our distributors have to say.

 Steve D.

Helen, Ga

"I made over $1,000 my first day"

After selling ads on direct mail for 20+ years, I tried David's "Fail-proof" system. I earned more the first HALF-DAY selling ads on the card than I made in a full week of selling ads on direct mail. I made over $1,000 my first day - BEFORE 11 A.M.!!!



Richard H.

St Petersburg, Fl

"Most of my selling days earn me over $1,000!"

Using the "FREE Digital Discount Cards", most of my selling days earn me over $1,000. It's the most money for the least effort of anything I've ever sold!



Tom F.

Jacksonville, Fl

"It Sells Itself"

I have been  in sales 37 yrs and this product is so easy to sell that you really don't sell it - it sells itself- my 1st eight sales were all in a row from leads i got at the hotel.



John J.

Kissimmee, Fl

"Signed up 2 restaurants the first day"

Unbelievable! "I started this program last week and signed up 2 restaurants the first day (Thursday). 

 On Friday I started working referrals from one of the restaurants, a BBQ restaurant.  The very first referral was a friend of the owner of the BBQ restaurant.  

 Not only did I sell him immediately, he wanted to know if he could get in on other hotels!

  (John sold 20 ads his first 6 days!)


John J.

Rick H.

Daytona Beach, Fl

"Pick up a check after a two minute presentation"

Just a quick note to let you know how much I enjoy this business.

 How refreshing to be able to go out, talk to small business owners, that have been referred by their friends and associates, and pick up a check after a two minute presentation.  You were right, this is not sales, you simply get great referrals, and ask the advertisers if they want to participate, and sign them up.


Thanks for all your knowledge, as I'm new to the industry.



Brian G.

Columbus, Ga

"This business is easy, FUN, and profitable."

Dear David

 This business is easy, FUN, and profitable. I have not had a business tell me that this was a bad idea. They all see the exposure we give their business as a great benifit and the low price as a great opportunity.

 I am enjoying getting out every day and showing off a fantastic product!




 A Personal Note

I have been publishing specialty products for restaurants, hotels, schools, churches and small businesses for over 30 years. In that time, I have never seen a product take off faster, be easier to sell and be more profitable and FUN than Digital Discounts.

This is a new division of NDC that just opened in October of 2022 - so you have an opportunity to secure your area for distribution now. Please don't wait - territories are going fast.

If you have ANY sales background at all, I urge you to give Digital Discounts a try. The worst that will happen is you'll make a few hundred dollars and decide you want to do something else. Of course, the more likely case is that you'll fall in love with this product and our sales methods and join our team of successful distributors.

Whichever the case - you'll be better off financially than if you don't check it out.

Good Luck - I hope to hear from you soon.